Create a new station / podcast

Follow instructions below to create a new station / podcast

  1. From your Dashboard, click the 'Create new station' button.
  2. Next you will be presented with your new station settings page. This page is where you can customize and control your station playlist.
  3. From 'Step 1: Station settings' customize your station player and station settings.
    1. Select your streaming option from left side drop down: 'Upload audio files' or 'External stream'
    2. External stream is only available with Premium and Ultimate plans.
    3. To publish your station as a podcast, enable 'iTunes RSS feed'.
  4. From 'Step 2: Streaming setup' you need to upload all your audio files. If you have External stream selected, you will need to provide your stream address.
    1. Learn more about External stream setup.
  5. Click the 'Save and publish' immediately publish your station or click the "Broadcast schedule" button to schedule your station.
    1. Learn more about Broadcast schedule setup.
  6. From your Dashboard, click the Preview icon to preview your station and access all the share options.
    1. Learn more about Embed / share your player.

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