Live streaming using External stream (Nicecast)

External stream is an advanced streaming option for anyone that wants more control of their station playlist and scheduling. If you're a newbie or are not comfortable in setting this up, we recommend using the "Upload audio files" stream option. This allows iRadeo to control your streaming without any third party software.

External stream option is only available with our Premium and Ultimate plans. Learn more  Plans and Pricing.

External Streaming Types: 
a) Use your own audio stream: If you would like to use your own streaming server, then provide the url of the external source here.
b) Use iRadeo Shoutcast server: If you would like to use the iRadeo Shoutcast server, then choose this option. The audio will be streamed from your desktop or any other device using a Shoutcast client like Nicecast/Broadwave etc to the iRadeo server and will be broadcasted to your users from here.
Recommended Shoutcast Client Software: To start, you'll need to install software that turns your computer into a live streaming server.
We recommend  Nicecast by Rogue Amoeba for OS X users and  BroadWave for Windows users. 

iRadeo Shoutcast server setup using Nicecast:

a) Station Page Setup:
1. Click on the "Create new Station" to create a station and provide  Station Name.
2. In the station page, choose "External Stream" option from the drop down.

3. Choose "Use iRadeo Shoutcast server" option. Click on "Assign streaming server" and the server details will be displayed in the station page. An iRadeo shoutcast server is assigned to the station. 

4. Note down the Server name, Port and Password.

5. Click on "Save and Publish"
b) Nicecast Client Setup: 
  1. Launch Nicecast on the mac. In the menu, click on "Window"-->"Show Server". Click the "+" to configure a new Shoutcast server endpoint. Enter a name, choose "Shoutcast" as ServerType, enter the Address, Port and Password from the iRadeo station page. make sure this newly configured server in Nicecast is selected.

2. Setup the Nicecast broadcast details by selecting your playlist source, entering your station Info, and selecting the Quality of your stream.

  1. Make sure the Internet URL displayed under the "Share" tab is the iRadeo shoutcast server url for your station. Click on "Start Broadcast" and make sure the state changes to "On Air".  Then click on "Check now" button and make sure you get the "Nicecast Server Check: Successful!" window.
  2. Login to your iRadeo account and select the Preview icon for your new station. Click the “Play” to test and make sure everything is working correctly. Please note: The speed and quality of the stream depends on your Internet connection.
  3. Using iTunes you can change your playlist in real time and it will automatically update your iRadeo stream.

Troubleshooting: If you don’t hear any stream after few seconds. Try following these steps to ensure its setup correctly.

  1. Open your Nicecast, select the Share button and make sure your iRadeo External stream shoutcast server details matches your Nicecast Internet URL.
  2. If you run into any further issues during setup, please contact the iRadeo support via the Support Page and attach any needed screenshots related to your Nicecast setup.

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