Broadcast schedule

NOTE: Broadcast schedule feature is only available with our Premium and Ultimate plans. Learn more about our  Plans and Pricing.

  1. From your station settings page, complete all customization options and upload your audio files.
  2. Select "Broadcast schedule" button to start your station scheduling process.
  3. Enter your desired schedule options and click "Save schedule" to schedule your station.
  4. You will be automatically taken to your Dashboard. An icon is displayed next to your station to indicate your station is currently scheduled.
  5. You can update the schedule anytime by clicking your station name, selecting Broadcast schedule button, and entering a new schedule information.

Scheduling options:

  1. All day - If enabled, scheduled broadcast start and end date will be reserved for the full day.
  2. No end date - If enabled, scheduled broadcast will start on a specific date and will continue streaming without an end date.
  3. Start and end dates - You will need to select a date and time from the calendar drop down selections.

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