Live streaming using Broadwave

External stream is an advanced streaming option for anyone that wants more control of their station playlist and scheduling. 

External stream option is only available with our Premium and Ultimate plans. Learn more  Plans and Pricing.

To start, you'll need to install software that turns your computer into a live streaming server. 
We recommend   Nicecast by Rogue Amoeba for OS X ($59) users and  BroadWave ($80) for Windows users. 

For this guide we will be using Broadwave on windows.

a) Download and install BroadWave streaming software from:

b) Launch Broadwave and go through the initial setup. Once the initial setup is complete, the screen should look something like this.

c) Make sure you check  “Allow access to BroadWave from the internet (Cloud Access)". Your machine will have a local IP which usually starts with 192.168.x.x and a public IP. Broadwave broadcasts live stream on port 88.

d) As mentioned in the above screen, in most cases the router configuration needs to be changed to allow a connection on your internet port 88 to be forwarded to port 88 of your machine streaming the audio. Below is a sample port forwarding setup on a Tenda AC1900 router, please note that the setup screens will be different based on your router brand.

e) Extranet Port 88 is mapped to the internal IP of the machine where Broadwave is configured. Also note that you can change your router configuration to always assign the same internal IP for your machine rather than dynamically assign different IP’s after each reboot. This way, the Port forwarding setup on the router need not be changed every time the router assigns a different local IP.

f) Re-run the test wizard in Broadwave. If the Test fails, most likely it could be the antivirus software blocking access to Port 88 on your machine. It could be windows Firewall or some other antivirus like McAcfee, Norton etc. Please make sure that you either add a rule or disable antivirus.

g) The connection test should finally succeed.

h) Click on the “Live” tab and setup for live audio.

i) Click on “Connect” which should bring up the webpage with the URL’s

j) Find the URL in the webpage for the live stream, make sure it’s broadband stream and not the dial up one.


k) Copy the url and replace the “.m3u” to “.mp3” in the url. So, in the above example the final url will be “http://71.85.XX.XX:88/broadwave.mp3?src=1&rate=1”.

l) A quick test to see if the setup is working would be to paste the url to a browser like Chrome and see if you can hear the live stream.

m) Now copy this url to the iradeo station setting page.

n) The station should be ready for streaming.

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