Stream MP3 files stored on another server

Important: This feature is only available with our Premium and Ultimate plans.

  1. Open a text editor and start entering your playlist URLs.
  2. Follow these steps to manage your PLS file:
    1. Enter the URL for each track on a new line.
      1. Example:
    2. When you're done adding all track URLs, save TXT file with PLS extension (example: playlist.pls).
    3. Upload your saved PLS file to your server and copy the location
      1. You can always enter additional tracks or re-arrange the playlist order by opening the same file.
  3. From your station settings page, under Step 1: Stations settings select 'External stream' option from top right corner drop down.
  4. Paste your PLS URL under Step 2: Streaming setup and 'Save and publish' your station settings.

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